What made us say yes! Our investment in tucan at a glance


Software has completely changed our working lives in the last 20 years. The last year has also seen a fundamental shift in how we work. Traditional Offices have been replaced by Hybrid Models or Fully Remote modes of work. These changes have been a big challenge for many teams however they also present opportunities to improve and reimagine processes. tucan is looking to reimagine meetings by replacing tedious logging and post-processing work using software to offer automatic transcripts, summaries and notes.

Since most meetings now are at least partially digital, tucan can replace what traditionally would have needed a designated note taker or transcriber by leveraging sophisticated AI. Trained using a large set of proprietary data tucan´s AI offers specialized and easy to configure solutions for teams. A method to collaboratively develop good ideas, the meeting has become the biggest time eater in small to large organizations. tucan allows you to create an agenda and share it automatically with all participants, to then record your meeting automatically and finally to receive automatic summaries. By integrating into your favorite productivity tool tucan creates a seamless user experience and workflow dynamics enabling users to focus on the unique value add components of their work.

There are a variety of prominent use cases for tucan´s technology. Especially when compliance requirements need to be met, tucan provides an essential service. However, we believe that there will be growing demand for tucan´s software for use in time-efficient management of Meetings. Video Calls have removed a lot of friction and freed up human capital by eliminating the need to travel for a meeting. The proliferation of digital meetings has also created the opportunity to create a service like tucan´s. We believe tucan will enable us to hold meetings in a more goal-oriented way while staying on the same page, freeing up human capital for more creative and fulfilling endeavors. Therefore, we are very excited to see where the journey with tucan will go.


 Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash