Skill Yoga closes a 7-digit convertible round

BERLIN, December 18, 2020 - Skill Yoga — A yoga coach platform for everyday athletes — announced today that they raised a 7-digit amount in a convertible round. Joyance Partners, Digital Invest, IBB Ventures and leAD Sports & Health Tech Partners participated in the convertible round. Business angels from Germany joined the round as well..

According to Timko Linssen, Founder of Skill Yoga, the investment is being used to launch new app features, add sport-specific yoga training programs with pro athletes and expand within the US and UK market.

Skill Yoga combines traditional yoga and mindfulness practices with state of the art training science to provide a highly personalized, functional and down-to-earth yoga training experience. Skill Yoga is the first yoga app leveraging AI and Computer Vision technology to give corrective feedback to yoga poses in real-time and objectively measure progress. With this unique approach, it helps its users to move more, move better, learn incredible new skills, become stronger and more flexible while learning how to calm the mind in these challenging times.

While most of the users are casual athletes from various sports, recently professional athletes like NHL ice-hockey player and yoga enthusiast Tyler Seguin have also started using the video-based training app to enhance their training and recovery. Skill Yoga is experiencing a period of high growth during corona times and has now more than 200,000 registered users, being the first yoga app with a larger male audience.

In the coming months, the company will enrich their coaching through meditation programs to complement their physical training and release a feature to track mental and physical progress over time.

"By combining cutting edge technology with tried-and-true traditional practices, Skill Yoga provides a powerful new mode for improving the quality, experience, and impact of yoga training," said Managing Director Paolo Pio. "We are happy to support the talented Skill Yoga team as they expand their reach into this highly promising market segment,” 

Skill Yoga accepts and addresses physical preconditions as well as the training goals of their users who want to do yoga without the spiritual touch. This distinguishes the training drastically from most offers in yoga studios. “No matter whether one is super tight from lifting weights in the gym and simply aims to touch their toes, has posture problems from sitting at the desk too much or likes to strengthen their core and mental focus for the next competition. Our training algorithm creates the perfect plan for every person. The unique combination of classical Yoga Flows, mindfulness practice and highly effective elements from functional training guarantee fast and visible progress.” — Gerjet Efken (Founder & CPO).

“The Team at Skill Yoga are one of our outstanding companies from LeAD. I am delighted to support them as they continue to grow and develop a leading tech solution for all those who want to have Yoga in there lives to become both stronger physically and mentally.” — Andrew White, (Chairman of leAD Sports & Health Tech Partners).

About Skill Yoga

With their training system based on progress, Skill Yoga follows the mission to provide a unique yoga experience at home that is both challenging and calming. Users sign up at www.skill-yoga.com or via the app and start their training guided by videos. A premium membership can be obtained starting at $6.99 a month. The training sessions combine mobility exercises, strength and relaxation routines. Skill Yoga’s coach is an attractive solution for those who are interested in yoga but haven’t been convinced by existing offers.


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