What made us say yes! Our investment in fertilly at a glance

In most Western societies, we have experienced considerable cultural and socio-economical change over the past 50 years. Some of the second-order effects, such as delayed family planning and new relationship models emerging, have resulted in one in seven couples needing in-vitro fertilization. Yet, the discussion about infertility is still stigmatized in many parts of society, among both women and men. Fertilly (originally founded under the name "Dein Kinderwunsch") offers free guidance to women, men and couples on fertility, family planning and assisted reproduction.

What does fertilly do?

Fertilly provides thorough information on all things fertility, and offers first consultations for interested women, men and couples. Fertilly also assists patients to find the most suitable fertility clinic, based on success rates, prices and the individual medical situation of the patients. By digitizing major steps along the fertility journey, Fertilly ensures more transparency in the process and significantly reduces the number of times patients need to visit a clinic, while providing a better patient experience.

What does the future hold?

We believe that the trends leading to the growing demand for assisted reproduction will continue, and even accelerate alongside continued societal change and demographic pressure.

We also believe that fertility treatments require a digital, patient-centric approach. As a one-stop online platform with exceptional customer service and a hand-picked network of clinics, we believe Fertilly is in a great position to become an integral part of the fertility ecosystem in Europe.

As our own Christian Seegers says, "We look forward to helping the Fertilly team grow. Fertilly creates unprecedented value for both prospective parents and fertility clinics."