Seed financing for Phantasma Labs

Seed financing for Phantasma Labs:

virtual training for autonomous vehicles in extreme situations

  • Berlin-based DeepTech start-up Phantasma Labs collects seed financing. APEX Ventures leads the round, also signals VC, the VC Fonds Technologie Berlin managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbh, Wi Ventures and the existing investor Entrepreneur First invest.
  • Phantasma Labs is the first platform to simulate extreme situations - such as a pedestrian suddenly running into the street - to scale in the virtual world so that algorithms of autonomous vehicles learn ideal reactions. Data about such rare situations can hardly be collected in road traffic and thus become scalable.
  • The founders came from the talent program of the investor Entrepreneur First and participated in the signals pre-seed program, which prepared them for follow-up financing. The capital flows into the expansion of the team and product development.

Berlin, September 3, 2020 - Phantasma Labs, the first simulation platform of its kind to emulate complex human behavior for the training of autonomous vehicles, announces a seed funding round. The software of the Berlin-based start-up company models the behavior of pedestrians, cyclists and other road users in large-scale simulations. Using these virtual scenarios, manufacturers of autonomous vehicles train the algorithms of their autonomous vehicles in a short time in various traffic situations. They learn how to ideally navigate their vehicles in the respective situation based on data. This concept convinced APEX Ventures as lead investor as well as signals VC, the VC Fonds Technologie Berlin managed by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, Wi Ventures, existing investor Entrepreneur First and several top-class business angels. The venture capital is used to expand the team and for product development. "For smooth operation in road traffic, autonomous vehicles must collect vast amounts of data on a wide range of traffic scenarios. Only then can they respond effectively to them. But many important situations occur relatively rarely in everyday traffic, such as cyclists rushing out of the blind spot. It takes a correspondingly long time to collect the necessary data for these scenarios," stresses Ramakrishna Nanjundaiah, co-founder and CEO of Phantasma Labs. "Our simulation platform models important human behavior and extreme scenarios that are difficult to test in the real world in sufficient detail or without endangering people. We accelerate the learning process of the algorithms enormously". Currently, autonomous vehicles drive hundreds of thousands of kilometers in real road traffic to collect data for the training of self-learning algorithms. Accordingly, the collection and training of so-called "edge cases" is time-consuming, expensive and non-scalable. These are used to describe traffic scenarios that occur less frequently in normal road traffic - for example, in comparison to red traffic lights. Phantasma Labs combines simulation science, high performance computing, behavioral models of various road users, game engines and artificial intelligence and programs virtual worlds. These generate large amounts of data about realistic human behavior in road traffic for the training of autonomous vehicles within a short time.

"By 2030, every tenth vehicle is expected to drive autonomously and the market for autonomous vehicles is expected to grow to 13.7 billion US dollars. But training the underlying algorithms is difficult to scale. This is a stumbling block for the entire industry," says Saskia Sefranek, co-lead and director at signals. "The automotive and software industry needs a more effective way to collect road traffic data. Phantasma Labs offers this solution and has the potential to be a driver in the development of autonomous vehicles. The company has already convinced car manufacturers of the concept".

The founders of Phantasma Labs, Ramakrishna Nanjundaiah (CEO) and Maria Meier (CTO), met in the Talent Investor Entrepreneur First program and are part of the first Berlin Cohort from 2018. "Phantasma Labs is an impressive example of our program - and our goal to find, bring together and support tech experts and entrepreneurial talent without a classic startup CV," says Philipp Herkelmann, General Manager Entrepreneur First in Germany. "With degrees from the Technical University of Munich and as experienced developers, e.g. of powerful pedestrian simulations, they were perfectly positioned to jointly benefit from their technical and entrepreneurial talent and to further scale Phantasma Labs".

About Phantasma Labs

Phantasma Labs helps autonomous vehicles to better understand people. This innovation is made possible by a simulation platform that develops crucial data sets and models of human behavior for the training of autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicles can thus train their ideal behavior in rare extreme situations. The startup aims to become a game-changer for the industry and to improve autonomous driving in the long term.

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