What made us say yes! Our investment in Flow Lab at a glance

As the global pandemic has changed our lives immeasurably over the last year, the healthcare sector and especially mental health have come to the forefront of our collective mindset. There is growing demand for products and services that help individuals improve their mental health.

Especially in times of work from home, mental health can be affected by high demands concerning their professional and private life under time pressure. Flow Lab is there for all those people looking to reach their optimal performance state without compromising their mental health.

What is Flow Lab and flow?

Flow Lab’s mental training program uses a holistic approach that draws on various methods from mental coaching to help users find their way into the so-called flow state more often. Flow is a concept from positive psychology that describes a kind of “optimal experience”, because in this deeply focused state we are not only highly productive and efficient, but frequent flow sensations have also been proven to increase our subjective well-being and prevent burn-out. Especially for advocates of a “high-performance lifestyle”, flow therefore represents a healthier, more sustainable alternative to the old leitmotif of “higher, faster, further”.

What does the future hold?

We have strong conviction that the mental health sector will continue to grow along with the awareness and interest in concepts such as Flow in contrast to more traditional ideas. In this space Flow Labs is a pioneer applying scientifically studied methods in order to help people enter such a flow state. Initiatives such as the partnership with the VfL Wolfsburg are important steps in order to introduce the concept to a broader audience. 

Like recent events in the tennis world show, Athletes at the top of their game are often faced with a variety of challenges which can have an impact on their mental health. Flow Lab can help to ensure that peak performance can be achieved without sacrificing mental health. The vision being to develop Flow Lab into a personalized intelligent mental coach in the pocket, which the user can access at the decisive moment, e.g. before challenging situations such as competitions, tests or exams or negotiations.

We are incredibly excited to see where this journey goes! If you feel Flow Lab might be something for you check out their offering:

Visual: Flow Lab