What made us say yes! Our investment in Airteam at a glance

Social and demographic drivers have led to housing shortages in many major cities. Combined with energy-efficient building refurbishments and technological change have led to a steady growth in the construction industry in recent years. However, productivity increases have been below other sectors for years. Digitization can make a significant contribution to increasing efficiency. In particular the ongoing shortage of skilled workers is exacerbating bottlenecks, resulting in a high demand for digital solutions to increase efficiency. Digital data for planning and implementation can make a significant contribution here.

In order to achieve our climate targets, we need to invest heavily in infrastructure and construction projects. In the solar installation sector alone, we need significant growth in the coming years, and for such projects, especially rooftop photovoltaic, fast, precise and standardized 3D data is essential. Airteam Aerial Intelligence is a software provider that acquires and analyzes 3D data for building and rooftop measurements and inspections.

Airteam has developed automated modeling and measurement software for roofs and construction sites using drone imagery. The images can be taken by the customer themselves or by a professional Airteam drone pilot worldwide. Computer vision technology and machine learning are used to analyze the data. Roof edges, surfaces as well as gutters, chimneys, ridges etc. are all automatically recognized and measured. The results are delivered as an easy to understand report and as 3D CAD models. Airteam offers standardized data analysis for roof surveys, solar installation and surveying of construction sites. For example, for solar installation, through their cooperation with Valentin Software GmbH, you can import the data directly into PV*SOL - Premium. The software offers detailed configuration and analysis for solar system planners. Airteam's product is the first with DIN SPEC certification. With this standard, transparency and confidence is created for customers, which in turn helps to develop and standardize the industry.  

We believe Airteam is positioned well for what we believe to be a growing demand for digitization solutions in the construction industry, developing important specialized knowledge in their vertical in order to provide a reliable, standardized and most importantly superior product to the legacy solutions.