X-Mas Review Industrial Technologies Team

This year, especially in the industrial sector and from our perspective, we have seen a variety of interesting developments. In the B2B space, we have seen deep-rooted digitization efforts and a shift from offline to online sales. In the venture ecosystem, we have seen the emergence of many new funds with a focus on sustainability, energy & the environment along with significant development of exit opportunities which together strengthen the industrial venture space.

Our Investment Activities

Near the end of the year, we were fortunate enough to have Airteam join our portfolio family (for more details see here). We were also delighted to see some of our portfolio companies such as Nuventura, fully commit to the net-zero goal in a joint statement together with equipment manufacturers like Siemens, Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric (here). Our portfolio member Aucta was able to reach more traction than expected and will change the way knowledge is transferred. We were also fortunate to take advantage of increasing M&A activities successfully leading portfolio family members such as Thermondo, Websitebutler and Ubitricity to an exit.                   

As a team we were also fortunate to learn and grow throughout this year, we focused on keeping our entrepreneurial attitude despite physical distancing in uncertain times. For any interested parties at the bottom of the article, we put together some of the resources we discovered this year that helped us and that we´d like to share.

X-Mas Ideas

Since Christmas is fast approaching and the Christmas spirit is gradually enveloping all around us we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite activities we like to do this time of year and we hope it might inspire some still looking for some great activities to do.

Christmas can be a great time to reconnect with people, for example connecting with old friends from school can be a wonderful activity. Another Christmas favorite of ours is sharing some (vegan) Käsefondue (for example this one). In order to balance ourselves, movement is very important, during this time of year we love to have a walk in the forest, go ice-skating on the lake or calm down with Yoga.

At last, we would like to thank all those that make our industry and ecosystem possible, especially a round of applause for the founders and teams in our portfolio family!

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