Managing Director

Marco Zeller

What do you believe in?

A great challenge for almost all of us is to understand the world and to find our way in it despite all its complexity. This quickly leads to a longing for capturing what has been laboriously acquired and what exists. We then have to summon up the necessary courage and curiosity to question the tried and tested, to rethink, to initiate changes and to motivate people. To achieve this and still not get tired, as well as to keep striving for innovations and improvements is what drives and fascinates me. 

What was the first lesson you learned?

Success depends essentially on the management style and the image of man. Two guiding principles have always convinced and shaped me in this context: "If you want to build a ship, don't gather men together to procure wood, assign tasks and divide the work, but rather teach them the longing for the wide sea." and "Even the longest journey begins with the first step". 

What makes a good founder for you?

Things in life usually turn out differently than you think. Then, it depends on the ability to shake struggles off, rearrange your thoughts and look at things from a different perspective. This ability is quite important in the development of a successful startup. Also, the ability to attract and train the right people is crucial. It is no coincidence that the saying goes"First-rate people hire first-rate people. Second-rate people hire third-rate people". And as the icing on the cake: in addition to all experience, know-how and professional execution, the first question should be: "What do I want to achieve and what is my vision?" as well as "What do I want to inspire myself and others for?".