Managing Director

Katrin Robeck

What do you hope for in the future?

I hope that radical new ways will emerge to find solutions for the great challenges of our time.

The strong innovations of recent years show how creative people are. I hope that science, innovation and technology will be used to better understand and curb injustices and climate change, and that cohesion will be strengthened at many levels of society. I hope that such a positive trend for the global quality of life is possible.

Why do you find working with founders so rewarding?

Founders have a lot of courage and great ideas.

Our portfolio is loeaded with an enormous variety of solutions and ideas. These have the potential to turn markets upside down and lead to the fact that well-trodden paths have to be abandoned.

At IBB Ventures, we make a contribution to enabling founders to realize their ideas – inluding those that require staying power, such as DeepTech or HardTech start-ups. This is a great mission.

What do you think makes a good founder?

A good founder has an incredible amount of energy and confidence, has solid tools, knows his market and is persistent.

I think an inexhaustible source of curiosity is important in order to position a company sustainably, to track down talents and to be a step ahead of market developments.

For me, a key to scalability is also how good founders are at getting a team excited about their idea in the long term and how good they are at recognizing and using the "brightness" of the people in their team.

Last but not least, a portion of humor probably can't hurt, it maintains the joy of work and helps to be more resistant to crises.