The Voices of Billions

In September 2013, Nico Jaspers und Fernando Guillen, founders of Dalia Research, had an idea: to build a platform that leverages the rapid global spread of smartphones to revolutionise the way we ask questions around the world. Dalia proved that their innovative method of using micro surveys to collect data from consumers gave unique insights for a variety of clients and stakeholders. This was clearly the next step to revolutionize the market research and consumer insights industry. They pitched their vision to us in early 2015, and together with Wellington Partners, we decided to invest and structured a round.

Since then we’ve been part of this journey and have seen their innovative model play out. In 2016 our fellows from Balderton Capital joined the ride. The Dalia model has since then become increasingly more valuable due to the proliferation of digital technologies: the ability to collect data on a worldwide scale, as well as the capacity to understand that data.

Today, Dalia processes hundreds of millions of answers every month to generate data that represents the voice of 90% of the world’s population. Many leading research agencies are among their clients, as are Fortune 500 companies, world-class universities, think tanks and scaleups such as Blinkist, N26 and Headspace. World Leaders have also referenced their research since Dalia has put out independent Research on Democracy, the perception of Democracy and most recently on citizen satisfaction with the crisis leadership of their government during the COVID-19 Epidemic, highlighted in leading articles from the Guardian to the Washington Post. Dalia has truly redefined global consumer research, brand analytics, and data collection. They are able to provide unique insights for clients and stakeholders, with accuracy and confidence. In addition, Dalia is putting advanced statistical sciences into use to get an even better understanding of human behavior. We are incredibly proud to be a part of their Journey and we’re looking forward to what’s to come.

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Clemens Kabel
Balderton Capital, Wellington Partners
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