Senior Investment Manager

Anvita Mudkani

Why do you get up in the morning?

Because both, my child and my dog just won't let me sleep in. But jokes aside! I get up because (almost) every day I look forward to what awaits me and every day holds new surprises for me. 

What is it like working for IBB Ventures?

Very enriching. I can say with certainty that I have learned so much in no other job as I have here. Above all, I appreciate the great diversity of our team and the extensive knowledge and experience of each individual and, last but not least, that we are simply the way we are. 

What is most important to you when you look at a new company?

It is important to me that the overall package is just right. From the founder(team), the product, and the market to the purpose (very important). For me, all these points have to be linked together in a meaningful way, harmonize and be authentic.

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