What made us say yes! Our investment in Wonderz at a glance

As Jonathan Perelman so aptly put it in 2013, "Content is king, but distribution is queen, and she wears the pants." In 2021, almost a decade later, content distribution and its monetization potential will continue to be a key determinant of the commercial success of content creators. Platforms like Youtube have long been a key pillar of content marketing as major reach media - through Youtube-driven ad sales. This revenue stream is becoming less important and unattractive to content creators. They are looking for ways to become independent in content distribution and to target and monetize their audience. In doing so, they are benefiting from another underlying trend: the subscription economy.

What does Wonderz do?

The innovative B2B2C software-as-a-service platform WunderBox (Wonderbox) enables content creators to publish their content on mobile devices (Android, iOS) and AppleTV – quickly, efficiently and without any prior technical knowledge or own development team. This allows book publishers, TV broadcasters, influencers, film, game, and TV producers to diversify their offerings with little financial risk and reach a larger audience worldwide. This expands the awareness of their own brands and content and leads to the development of further revenue potential. Through its ease of use and support for a wide variety of formats (audio, interactive books, games, video), WunderBox offers content owners a new way to manage and monetize their content themselves. Satisfied customers like Warner Media, Skyship Entertainment and Janosch confirm the high customer value and the mature product market fit in the family entertainment area.

What does the future hold?

Wonderz is initially focusing on the family entertainment sector. The company has successfully started in the market with its very experienced founding team, its SaaS product individually tailored for this segment and its renowned international customers. With the joint investment, the product will be further developed and automated in order to increasingly be able to adequately serve the long tail in a self-service approach. There is a real opportunity here to drive the democratization of the content market and to support content creators in their independence from dominant broadcasters, publishers and streaming platforms.

Image: McKaela Taylor / unsplash